Aboue me!

Welcome to the Jen-Chieh Shen’s Blog!

Welcome to my blog. I don’t think that I’m particularly talented, and I don’t believe in natural born talent. I believe that it takes hard work to achieve great things. I’m not religious, but if there is a god, he hasn’t done me any favors. I’m a bit lazy and I like to have my personal space; like to contemplate with the thing that stimulates my curiosity. Enjoy observing people, emotions, and deducting future by present facts. If you want to know more about me, check out this.

I fell in love with computer science in 2013. I made this blog mostly from scratch using basic HTML/CSS/JS for the frontend and Node.js for the backend. I’d like to share my process and experience making software on this blog.

I have other interests as well, though I’m not an expert in any of them. I like physics, because it can explain so much that happens in our daily lives. I enjoy math, as it can represent so much with symbols and formulas. I also like philosophy and how it can help people think more critically.one of my favorites quotes is “Knowledge is power.”