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JCSUnity - Save System

This is a introduction of how JCSUnity does for the game data save/load system. There are main three ways that you could do saving and loading in Unity Engine with C#. JCS_BinGameData - In binary format JCS_XMLGameData - In XML format JCS_JSONGameData - In JSON format

JCSUnity Overview

JCSUnity Repo: https://github.com/jcs090218/JCSUnity Acknowledge I have developed this tool for 3 years. Starting from the third year of my college years. Compare to other framework I had developed, this tool have much more completeness. I have been using Unity Engine for 2 years while I decide to develop this framework. I have made cetain of games in this 2 years and I reckon I gained enough experiences to develop a framework for Unity Engine.

Emacs vs Vim

Precisely that I am neither an Emacs nor Vim expert. I am just an amateur that knows about the two editors with just amount of knowledge. If you check out two of my Emacs and Vim repo, this could be the worst experience of all time. I hold onto an idea that the editors are just a tool. Unless there are issues that hamper or paster my workflow, I will avoid changing the configuration to my editor.

Best Editor Ever

First the foremost, this article is all subjective opinions by me, and there are all kind of text editor for any kind of programmer. I think some programmer have some kind of religion, so I am not going to tell anyone to use any particular text editor. I believed text editor is just tool to help programmer make a software and get their job done. At my previous post ' Framework I have been working… (Part 2) ' I mentioned I watched a few episodes of ' Handmade Hero ’s series.


Productivity is topic that often is ignored by a lot programmer. I have seen a bunch of documents out there talking about algorithm and data structure, so I would like to post a topic about productivity for an advanced programmer or for the programmer who wants to be a better programmer. So what exactly mean productivity in software development field? If you have seen my previous blog post ' Framework I have been working… (Part 1) ' and ' Framework I have been working… (Part 2) ‘, then you might already know what I am going to write about for the rest of this article.

Framework I have been working on

The story start when I have difficulty when I was working inside one of our class in college. It is a collaborative class that all kind of experts work on the same project, and of course for game development students we decide to make a AR game. Well, the dream always big and great, but when it get into reality it always not going to be fun, especially when you are making a game and work in the game industry.

About Me

I’m not fond of talking about myself. Primarily I’m nobody, not phenomenal, and never been onto news or other media, not any of those. Is hard to think that who will spend their precious time reading this ‘About Me’ article. I would desire not to write a verbose introduction about myself. I’m currently 24; I wouldn’t say that I lived long, but long enough for me to review my past few years of living and consider what’s the future path I’m going to step in.

Start blog announcment

I have heard about people saying that writing a blog is a good idea. And here is it, I am going to write a development blog for myself. I have been coding for years and would like to share what I had been through and talk about more like what I think is significants to a programmer. What are the jobs and tasks to the programmer and what does programmer does?